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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Christmas Decorations Combat On-Line Selling

industry photo 1With Christmas budgets squeezed, getting the most out of Christmas decorations is the number one priority.

Fuzzwire CEO Mark Lean explains: “I’ve noticed, particularly last year, that client’s expectations are increasingly higher. Landlords have to look after the commercial side, the brand and their KPIs, so Christmas decorations and displays have got to contribute to driving revenue by increasing footfall and dwell time as well as having the wow factor – it’s got to be imaginative while ticking the commercial boxes.

Expectations are higher since the rise of online and because attracting consumers is more of a challenge, landlords and managers need to deliver an experience but they’re also looking for value So with shopping centres under increasing pressure to deliver an experience over and above the convenience of online shopping, creating that ‘wow factor’ has become increasingly important.

Source: UK Shopping Centre Magazine