There's only

Until Christmas

Friday, August 9, 2013

Ordered Your Christmas Decorations Yet?

In 12 weeks time, most commercial Christmas decorations will be up or in the process of being installed. If you haven’t got your Christmas orders in you has better move fast. Every year we have disappointed customers who left it too late and didn’t get the decorations they needed.

At Celebrations Group we work closely with our supplier factories to do our very best to turn your Christmas decoration vision into reality. But you need to act now. Manufacturing plants are now running at peak capacity and supplies of raw materials start to dry up.

It is commonly understood that almost all Christmas decorations are manufactured in Asia but did you know that:

  • All Christmas decorations are made to order. There are no warehouses full of Christmas trees waiting to be bought.
  • Production times are between 30 to 90 days depending on the season and factory loading.
  • Raw material shortages and skilled labour shortages (yes even in China) add further disruptions
  • August is the hottest month in Asia. Factory production is commonly disrupted due to power shortages and electricity rationing.
  • Backlogs at Chinese Customs can result in Containers being delayed by up to 10 days prior to shipping
  • It takes 20+ days to sea freight from China to New Zealand
  • Shipping companies add a “peak period’ surcharge to freight rates from September to December
  • Containers coming through New Zealand’s ports can be subject to seasonal (and industrial dispute) delays.

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