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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Seafreight update 14th July 2021

Reported by: Hobbs Global Logistics New Zealand

Southern Europe: Overnight we have received notice that another shipping line has suspended services to and from Italy and Mediterranean Ports. We have gone from eight shipping lines services pre COVID, to three lines, then Hamburg Sud pulled out, so two lines, and now COSCO have pulled out so we are down to one, MSC. As peak season and BMSB (Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Season) are both approaching, this is, quite frankly, a complete and utter disaster for New Zealand, importers and exporters alike. Getting anything out of Italy now before the BMSB is impossible, we may have to look at moving freight out of Italy and truck to Hamburg for instance – this would mean extra costs.

China & Taiwan: Getting freight bookings (containers) out of China Ports is also becoming harder, generally any booking will have a three to four week lead time and even then still not guaranteed. To make matters worse, container rates are still being hiked up by the shipping lines – some increases are up by 200% on 2020 rates

Australia: At present shipping from Australia to NZ is almost at a stand-still. Shipping companies are not willing to send ships to NZ as they are unsure when their containers will be de-hired and delivered back to them. Container stock is so low that shipping companies are not taking the risk to send them across the Tasman!!

Please allow for these disruptions when planning imports